Did you know that Wehl funds the education of a girl in Kenya? Her name is Anifa and she attends The Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls High School. Through Wehl’s sponsorship, Anifa is able to go to school and be exposed to opportunities that she might not otherwise have. We first wrote about our sponsorship of Anifa in 2019 in this article, highlighting that this sponsorship supports mind and social wehlness, providing an excellent foundation for a girl’s future!

This is the third story in a series that profiles Wehl’s support of initiatives that “spread good” by giving back. Not only do we want to inspire wellness, both online and offline, among ourselves and others but we also want to be ambassadors of wellness and good, locally and internationally.

We recently received a letter from Anifa, and it was encouraging to read about her progress. Since Wehl’s sponsorship, Anifa has jumped to the top 10 % of her class!

Here are some more updates from Anifa, in her words:

  • Anifa is “as fit as a fiddle”!
  • She is “eager to join form two next year” (this would be equivalent to Grade 10 in Canada).
  • Anifa’s goals include going to university and studying medicine. She has a desire to encourage youth to “work harder because the fruits of education are sweeter”.
  • One of her observations was particularly poignant. She writes that in order to get rid of poverty “the only weapon … is education”.

Wehl sponsors Anifa through a non-profit organization called the Canadian Harambee Education Society (CHES), and they recently provided an update for us as it relates to Anifa’s schooling. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Anifa’s school closed in mid-March and will not reopen until January 2021, and all students will start at the level that they were in when schools closed in March 2020. Sadly this means that a year has been “lost”, grade-advancement wise.

Over the next few months until school resumes, CHES is bringing small groups of girls to the CHES facility in Kenya to do a series of day-long workshops in various educational areas, including strategies for keeping the girls safe. We are pleased to hear that these sessions have been “well received”!

Would  you like to help us support our sponsorship of Anifa?

We recently launched a Wehl Shop where you can buy t-shirts and water bottles. Each purchase helps us give back. We donate 12% of profits to our “spread good” initiatives.  We are a Certified B Corporation and a member of 1 % for the Planet. Our shirts are all about “love” as that is what we like to share at Wehl!

We will keep you posted on further updates from Anifa!

In the meantime, we invite you to join our all-in-one healthy lifestyle app at Wehl.com!

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