We have arrived at a new decade – welcome to 2020!  This month, we want to help you set a new goal, intention, resolution, motto or mantra that will help you on your wellness journey! We are so excited to have partnered with our friends at Beekeeper’s Naturals for our January #WehlChallenge. Let’s make 2020 a healthy year, together!


When you are setting your 2020 goal, it’s important to focus on being able to inspire yourself to do something small and healthy every day. It doesn’t need to be a big, dramatic transformation, but rather – figure out where you are at in your own wellness journey and take small, actionable steps towards a healthier version of you.

When you know what your goals will be this year, make sure to hop on to Wehl to share them and inspire others on their own wellness journey. You’ll get invaluable support and accountability from others to keep you motivated and help make those goals a reality!  The best part – one lucky person will win a Beegan Pharmacy kit from Beekeeper’s Naturals (a $98 value!) Post as often as you like because the more posts = more wellness for you and more chances to win! 

Invite your friends and family to join in the Challenge on Wehl and get support for their wellness this year! 

If you don’t know where to start with your new year wellness goals, not to worry! We put together some that we will be working towards in 2020:

  • I will meditate for 15 minutes per day.
  • I will spend as much time outdoors in nature as possible.
  • I will budget my money better. 
  • I will limit my phone usage as much as possible, especially around loved ones.
  • I will cook one new thing each week.
  • I will read more books.
  • I will start a new, creative project.
  • I will reduce the amount of plastic I use.
  • I will become a plant owner.
  • I will drink more water. 
  • I will support more socially and enviromentally conscious businesses.
  • I will volunteer my time with an organization I am passionate about.
  • I will move more and take regular breaks from sitting at work.
  • I will get more, consistent sleep.
  • I will revamp my medicine cabinet to include more natural products.

How to enter:

  1. Think about your own wellness goal, intention, resolution, motto or mantra that you want to set for 2020. 
  2. Login to Wehl (www.wehl.com) on your mobile or desktop.  If you aren’t a Wehl member yet, it’s free and easy to join. Head over to Wehl.com!
  3. Make a post to share your wellness goals and intentions for 2020. Be sure to include #WehlChallenge in the text.
  4. Post as often as you like because more posts = more wellness for you and more chances to win!

Each time you share you’ll be entered to WIN a prize pack from Beekeeper’s Naturals! To learn more about Beekeeper’s Naturals, check out our interview here.

Now, head over to Wehl and start sharing your wellness goals and intentions for the new year!

We invite you to join our all-in-one healthy lifestyle app at Wehl.com!

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