The official first day of spring is just around the corner, and while it may not feel like it in Canada, it’s an excellent time to get your spring cleaning in! This year, it’s not just about cleaning out your closet but also being mindful of what you put in there in the first place. We are focusing on sustainability and higher-quality purchases that will last a lifetime instead of just one season. We are so excited to have partnered with our friends at Encircled for our March #WehlChallenge to help motivate you to clean out your closet! Less clutter, less stress!

Ugh, cleaning out the dreaded closet. Most of us put it off because we don’t have the time, or because we aren’t ready to donate items yet. Here’s the good news, our challenge isn’t just about donating items you don’t wear, it’s also about repairing ones that are damaged, or re-wearing an old item that you forgot was back there all along! Simply, snap a photo of what you are donating, or the items that you will be repairing or re-wearing and head over to Wehl to share your journey to clutter-free living! 

The best part – one lucky person will win a $150 gift card from Encircled to buy whatever they would like from their travel-friendly and sustainable clothing line! Post as often as you like because the more posts = more wellness for you and more chances to win! 

Invite your friends and family to join in the Challenge on Wehl and get support for their wellness too! 

If you are worried that you’ll be donating items that you still love, here are a few tricks to follow: 

  • Flip all your hangers backward. Once you wear something, you return it facing forward, so now it is hung properly. At the end of the month, anything still left hanging backward should be donated. 
  • Put the clothes that you are struggling to donate in a trash bag and put it in the back of your closet. If you don’t find that you are searching through it for the clothes, simply take the whole bag and donate it!

If you want to take this challenge to the next step, think about what kinds of items you want to include in your closet. Think about the sustainability of the material, if you actually need the item and maybe even implement a capsule wardrobe. There are A LOT of problems with fast-fashion and the first step is learning why. We asked Encircled founder Kristi Soomer what some of the social and environmental problems with “fast fashion” are. Here’s what she told us:

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“Firstly, this is a lot of clothing in general. The volume of this clothing being made cannot even be worn. The clothing is often trendy, and poorly made, and ends up in a donation bin or garbage by end of season, adding pollution to our landfills.

Second, fast fashion is cheap. To make a garment at a low cost, you can’t spend a lot on labour or construction costs. That means, someone is likely being exploited in the supply chain, and possibly this garment isn’t as well-made. Human exploitation and sweatshop labour are very prevalent in the fashion industry and are what allow a retailer to charge $10 for a t-shirt.

Third, fast fashion uses inferior materials. Many of which are designed to degrade or fall apart, and ultimately sit in our landfills for decades. Until lately, most fast fashion is synthetics or traditional cotton. Both of which are rife with chemicals and leave a trail of environmental destruction in their creation.”

How to enter:

  1. Open your closet and start to evaluate what’s inside. You can do a quick clean up or a full overhaul – that’s up to you!
  2. Organize your items and find items that you would like to donate, repair, or re-wear! Snap a photo of what you’ve done! 
  3. Login to Wehl ( on your mobile or desktop.  If you aren’t a Wehl member yet, it’s free and easy to join. Head over to!
  4. Make a post to share your closet progress. Be sure to include #WehlChallenge in the text.
  5. Post as often as you like because more posts = more wellness for you and more chances to win!

Each time you share you’ll be entered to WIN a $150 gift card from Encircled! To learn more about Encircled, check out our interview here.

Now, head over to Wehl and start sharing your closet clean-out today! 

We invite you to join our all-in-one healthy lifestyle app at!

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