Why are gut health and meal planning so important in a balanced lifestyle? Holistic Nutritionist Michelle Tirmandi of Michelle Nutrition shares her insights for happy gut health.

Michelle Tirmandi is a former corporate marketer and understands the reality of hectic schedules. Which is why this new mama is able to offer support, guidance and realistic life hacks to help make things simple when it comes to nutrition. She’s all about providing healthy food ideas and simple recipes to moms, and encouraging her clients to be intentional about how they plan their meals for the week. This inspired Michelle to start Nourish and Glow, a healthy recipe delivery service that sends you new nutritionist-approved recipes each week. Michelle is also the exclusive Holistic Nutritionist at Toronto Yoga Mamas where she has fertility, prenatal and postnatal programs.  

We sat down and chatted with Michelle about her gut-healing routine and why it’s important to take baby steps to get started.

WEHL: What’s your philosophy on wellness?

MT: I believe that holistic health is about so much more than good nutrition. Although that’s very important, true health involves rest, a positive mindset, happy relationships and the enjoyment of good food and movement.

WEHL: What is the one healthy habit you can’t live without?

MT: Meal planning. When I’m not intentional about the food [I eat], I do not tend to eat as well or feel as good! This is why I started Nourish and Glow, an online meal planning platform.

WEHL: What are some things that are wreaking havoc on our gut health?

MT: I would say that I have seen many clients who eat too much sugar and not enough plant-based nutrients. There are SO many everyday healing foods and supplements for gut health but not everyone knows what they are, or why they should be taking them. [There are] some surprising ways that your gut health can show up in other ways in the body, [such as] sleep, skin, etc.

The gut is hugely connected to skin health as well as brain health (very important!). I know personally that when I was eating a lot of sugar I felt more depressed and had much more inflamed skin. A healthy gastrointestinal tract and proper bowel movements are also very important for treating acne amongst other skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea.

WEHL: What are your must-have pantry foods for better gut health?

MT: I love kombucha and am super lucky because my dad makes dozens of bottles every week to share! I also like to have yogurt, tempeh and sauerkraut.

WEHL: What is one simple thing that anyone can do to improve their digestive system dramatically?

MT: I think the first step is realizing how much better you can feel when your digestion is on point. The second thing would be to add as many gut loving foods and nutrients into your diet as possible!

WEHL: What are your top five supplements that you take yourself?

MT: I am always changing my supplement regime because my body is always changing. Right now I am currently taking:

  • Acute Probiotics
  • A high EPA liquid Omega3
  • Greens food supplement powder (kids version because I am breastfeeding)
  • Healing Fibre powder (in my smoothie)
  • Prenatal vitamins

WEHL: What are the one or two supplements that you swear by?

MT: Probiotics and Omega3!

WEHL: What are your favorite snacks that keep your energized on a slow-moving Monday?


  • Apple or banana  + nut butter
  • Leftover smoothie
  • Coconut chips
  • Hummus + veggies

WHEL: What is your morning routine that puts you in the right mindset for the whole day?

MT: I recently just got myself back to a healthy and happy routine after being off track for several months since my babe arrived, but this is my current routine:

  • Consciously not picking up my phone as the first thing I do
  • Gulp the large glass of water that I leave beside my bed
  • Make a smoothie and go for a 30-45 min walk with my baby Isla and husband Jon
  • Write down my intentions and the main things that I actually plan to get done for the day
  • Practice gratitude in the shower!

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What are your gut-healing tips that you use? Let us know in the comments! 

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