The Harbourfront in Toronto, Ontario is full of healthy places to explore! Maya Eid highlights skating on the lake, yoga in the park, the Music Garden, and the HTO beach! As a Wehl Educator, Maya also describes her experience with the Wehl platform (thank you, Maya!). You can read the full article here on Maya’s blog!

In this series called My Wehl in the City, we explore what it means to live (and travel) well in our cities, towns and neighborhoods. Our goal is to spark the movement of living out real-life wehlness in our everyday, busy lives – whatever wehlness means to each of us and wherever we live. We want to make it easier for all of us to incorporate holistic wehlness into our daily and weekly routines. We can support each other by sharing tips and inspiration from our experiences. Our Wehl social platform is all about collaborating to improve and maintain our wehlness, whether it be as individuals, professionals or organizations. Together, we want to inspire wehlness, make an impact, and show each other how we find wehlness in our neighborhoods!

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