When you’re in need of some fun and a break from a long week, the midway at a local fair can sound like a great, entertaining way to spend your time. You manage to get yourself ready, get there and start the walk down the midway with some friends …

It’s crowded with people going in all directions, making it difficult to keep your friends in sight let alone actually talk with and listen to them.

There are attendants yelling from every direction trying to get you to buy something you don’t need or spend money on overpriced, addictive games that have likely been rigged.

Suddenly, a random fight breaks out and you find yourself stranded in the crowd while two people fight over the last gigantic stuffed koala that neither are going to care about the next day.

By the end of the evening, while it was fun to try out a ride and meet up with others, you’re left feeling overstimulated, drained and even a bit anxious. Not to mention the constant smell of hotdogs, fries and cotton candy has drained your willpower fast and you’re starting to feel yourself getting hungry for it all, maybe even hangry!

These feelings, and even some of these experiences, are not so different from how many of us feel after spending time on popular social media platforms and apps these days. We’ve wanted a little social time and maybe a bit of a distraction, so, at the touch of a finger we begin scrolling down the rabbit hole with endless headlines, beautiful, perfectly cropped-photos, flashy videos, ads and random GIFs coming at us.

We’re on emoji overload, losing followers by the minute, getting notifications about every little thing someone does and oh yeah, we’d better stay on a little longer because the content’s going to disappear soon and we’ll have missed out!

Let’s not get started on the mean comments and arguments, what’s up with that?

With all this going on, our brains are buzzing, we’re becoming moody and if we’re honest with ourselves we’re starting to feel a little less secure. And suddenly we’re wondering where the time went …

Did we actually connect with our friends or did we just “like” their post and keep on scrolling?

It’s like that night at the fair – it feels like it will be fun and of course it’s the “thing to do in town” so we join in, but later we end up wishing we were somewhere a little more relaxed and a little more health-conscious.

Sure, it might be fun to go to the midway once in a while but if we were to go daily, or even multiple times a day, we could probably all agree that it wouldn’t be the best way to spend our time or help us live better. We’d likely end up wishing that we could have actually connected with our friends minus all the distractions and next time we’ll gladly pick heading with our friends to the beach instead.

Whether or not you’re a “social networking person” doesn’t actually matter because Wehl is a new kind of social online social experience. It’s a purposeful platform built to foster communication and support and of course, optimal wellness. And if you’re more the quiet type who prefers “light socializing” and mostly likes to stay under the radar, there’s still plenty of value for you too.

No matter who you are – whether you have hundreds of friends online or have no use for the conventional social platforms, whether you consider yourself a wellness newbie or a wellness expert, if you’re interested in improving and maintaining your wellness habits while supporting other fellow human beings to do so, then Wehl is for you.

What makes Wehl a unique social platform?

There are many, but if we have to narrow it down, here are our top 14 reasons why Wehl is unique:

A Social App just for Wellness

1. Our “Why” – Wehl exists to inspire wehlness and spread good. It’s an app built specifically to help people live at their best through self-care and care for others. We’re on a mission to use the power of social support to help each other improve and maintain wellness. We want to see more wehlness and more good, online and offline, in this beautiful world!

2. A Social Community for Wellness – Wehl is a healthy lifestyle app for like-minded people, wellness professionals and businesses to come together online to share about healthy habits and wellness pursuits. It is a place where members can meet, track and encourage others in their healthy habits, share wellness moments and healthy tips, and ask questions. Wehl is people supporting each other to not only learn wehlness but also do wehlness by providing accountability and motivation to help make healthy choices and sustain wellness habits.

3. “Unique to Wehlness” Tools & Features – We’ve got unique tools that support self-reflection and help you with goal setting and habit tracking. “Wehlness Choices” are another unique feature that empower us to make choices that support our wellness and provide ideas for which products and services may be helpful for wellness. These tools and features are just the beginning as we use technology to support our wellness – not take away from it.

4.  Purposeful Online Time – We’re re-purposing online social time to maximize the health benefits and become a tool that reinforces a life well-lived. Wehl is mindful social time where you can take a break, track your habits, reflect on your wellness, connect and be inspired. Participation on Wehl contributes to your wellness both in the support, encouragement and tips you get as well as the giving to and focusing on others.

5. A Hub for Natural Health and Wellness – Wehl brings a much-needed online hub to find other like-minded individuals and develop relationships through holistic wellness. It brings together a diverse group of people and wellness professionals with a variety of expertise, approaches and experiences to discuss health issues holistically and learn from each other. We can do more together.

6. Our Content – What you don’t have to see matters too. The content on Wehl is supportive of wellness – not compromising it. We focus on quality over quantity and you don’t have to worry about missing something or having it disappear. You’ll find positive, practical, experience and research-based information to help keep your wellness on track. The content you see is customizable, sortable, searchable, easily saved and re-shown as helpful reminders. Finally, you’ll find holistic health info, tips, recipes, products, services and healthy inspiration all in one place, saving you time, money and stress.

Wellness for Tech and Social Time

7. Healthy Culture – Wellness is our mission and our culture. In a positive, respectful, community-oriented space you’re encouraged to focus on self-care while offering care and support to others, regardless of differences. We believe wellness means different things to different people – it’s about taking a holistic approach and figuring out what each of the components of wellness mean to you. While competition can be fun for short periods, a cooperative culture of support strengthens relationships and makes a more sustainable wellness impact long-term.

8. A Healthy Relationship with Technology – Wehl has been built to help facilitate a healthy relationship with technology. Moderation is a key principle of wellness and we’re bringing it to our online time. Wehl supports prioritizing “offline time” to live out wellness. It hasn’t been built to be addictive or keep you on all the time. It’s a mobile-friendly app that goes with you wherever and whenever you need it to support a healthy lifestyle.

9. Simplistic, Wellness-Inducing Design – Experience feelings of relaxation, not overstimulation. We prioritize healthy design and user experience principles to create a calming, online social experience that’s conducive to wellness. We design for wellness and human connection while working to keep the platform simple to use. Wehl gives you the necessities and frees you from the clutter.

10. The Features We Don’t Have (The No’s) –We’re serious about building a healthy app and have been meticulous about asking ourselves how each feature will affect the wellness of our members. Wehl has been co-created with our early community based on needs and feedback. We want the online experience to be as wellness-supporting as possible which is why healthy self-esteem and mindfulness are just a few of our priorities. No sneaky business strategies. No addictive features. No complicated algorithms. No bots. No sponsored ads. No fake followers or friend counts. No tracking you around the internet. No selling personal data. There’s just NO need for all that.

A Collective Wellness Impact

11. Company Values – We want to purchase from and support companies that have values that align with ours and with wellness. With Wehl, we can now support a socially and environmentally conscious business with our online time too! As a Certified B Corp, we believe that all businesses, including those in technology, should use business as a force for good, aspiring to “do no harm and benefit all”.

12. Our “Spread Good” Movement – At Wehl, we focus on showing ourselves and others a little more L-O-V-E and through that we want to spread a lot of good together – online, offline and beyond. As part of our efforts to “spread good beyond”, we donate to local and international organizations and projects that bring wehlness to people in need and the planet. We aim to support initiatives in each of the six kinds of holistic wehlness: Body, Mind, Spiritual, Work, Enviro, and Social.

13. A Real-life, Holistic Approach – Wehl is about practicing a proactive, holistic and real-life approach to wellness. Wellness is more than just meditation, eating salads or working out. It’s not about being perfect and there’s no need to have the most beautiful photos or do yoga if it’s not your thing. We’re focused on making wellness more accessible, affordable and achievable for all of us as we reinvent online social time to purposefully become social support for a purposeful, healthy lifestyle.

One more reason Wehl is unique…

14. Wehl is a Place where Social Beings can Truly be Social – Humans are social beings meant to live in community and care for each other. We want to use our social platform to be other-centred and get back to what social, communication and community are truly all about. Technology is never going to be the best way to communicate but we believe it can be much better.

The features and culture on Wehl are intended to foster good-old-fashioned online communication and kindness. For example, Wehl has an anonymous high five feature to click because you want to encourage someone by sending them some “wehl love”, not because you feel the social pressures to do it so that they’ll see you did (and others will see you did it too). They’re random acts of wehlness to support others regardless of whether you know the person in real-life or not.

The big emphasis on Wehl is communication that truly supports our wellness. Mindlessly hitting buttons and only talking in emojis instead of expressing feelings and meaning with words doesn’t get us to enhancing a relationship or help us reap the benefits of social wellness. The real value comes from exchanging thoughts and encouragement by pausing to take a couple seconds out of your day to actually type a few words to show another person you care.

Wehl doesn’t try to replace real-world relationships, but has simply been built to enhance them in between meeting up. And for those we may never get the chance to meet, Wehl is a fun way to support each other in wellness as fellow human beings. We want to get to know our friends, family and those around us better as we support each other in wellness, not just when someone has illness.

It’s not fancy, it’s not complicated, it’s simply getting back to the basics of meaningful human connection in a new, healthy, 21st century kind of way.

So, Why Join Wehl?

For the sake of your wehlness – online and offline. And, to support the health and wehlness of fellow human beings and our planet.


We invite you to join us on Wehl and discover the Wehl difference for yourself!


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