A little more health and wellness in life? Yes, please! If only it came effortlessly! Unfortunately, getting discouraged, losing motivation, feeling like we’re alone and that we can’t take time for ourselves, are just a few of the roadblocks that can get in our way.

We want to be healthy, we try to make healthy choices, we intend to practice healthy habits but, the fact is, it’s not easy in the world we live in and made even more difficult by the busy lifestyles we lead.

Often, we don’t put much thought into how prioritizing wellness and making time for self-care can impact our lives or, if we do, we likely underestimate it. We think we’ll have to give up so much of our time, money, energy and favorite things to have health and wellness be part of our lifestyle.

But, what if investing in our health and prioritizing wellness regularly can actually bring us more of the things we truly need, want and love in life? It’s true – making time for wellness throughout our days and weeks has the potential to do just that!

It’s a bit counterintuitive but taking time and effort for wellness habits can give us more energy for our daily activities and responsibilities, improved concentration to work smarter and faster (and maybe even get that promotion), a better mood to be a kinder partner, parent or friend – and the list goes on! Some of it may be instant and some may take time, but wellness is an investment that you’ll get returns on in all aspects of life!

Wehl is a great way to get the support we need to make health and wellness a regular part of our busy lifestyles.

How can Wehl bring more health and wellness to your life?

  1. You’ll get invaluable social support – Bottom line, wellness isn’t easy and, as research proves, we all need support from like-minded people to keep ourselves and each other accountable. On Wehl, we’re bringing together wellness professionals, businesses and real people to use online, social time for good – to provide this much-needed support so we can improve our wellness and live better! You are who you surround yourself with (online and offline) and you can never have too much support to keep up with your healthy habits.
  2. You’ll be more likely to stick with your healthy habits and achieve your wellness goals – With support and accountability, healthy habits and daily decisions become easier, helping to make goals become a reality! We all get discouraged and struggle to find motivation sometimes. It’s a fact – you can’t do it alone and why would you even want to?
  3. You’ll feel good about the time you spend online – Wehl is purposeful online time because participating helps you with self-care and shows care for others. Whenever you’re on Wehl you’ll be nurturing your wellness both in the receiving of support, encouragement and healthy tips as well as the giving to others.
  4. You get to instantly and easily help others – Helping others isn’t just good for them it’s good for you too! In just a few minutes each day you can say an encouraging word, share what you’ve learned or even just give an anonymous high-five to someone on their wellness journey. We like to call a “high-five” on Wehl “a random act of wehlness” – easy and instant for someone near or far! We need to help each other with wellness – not just when someone has illness.
  5. You can enjoy a healthier social networking experience – Social media has the potential to be good for our “social wellness” because connecting and communicating with others is good for us. BUT, often the company objectives, platform features, algorithms and the culture compromise our wellness. The fact is conventional social media platforms aren’t built to help improve your life, they’re built to make $$$$$$$$ by having you addicted and mindlessly, endlessly scrolling. The Wehl platform has been purposefully built every step of the way to support healthy communication and wellness. We’ve added features that contribute to wellness and left out those that don’t.
  6. You’ll adopt a more proactive, holistic approach to wellness – More than just working out and eating salads, living well is truly about focusing on all of the components of wehlness – body, mind, spiritual, work, enviro and social. Wehl keeps you mindful of them all so you can explore what they mean to you and remember to nourish them with wehlness habits unique to you. You’ll start to be more proactive and preventative as you take little moments to care for your health.
  7. Your mental wellbeing will be supported – The research coming out about conventional social media and its effects on our health, particularly our mental health, is still new but very concerning. It’s clear that a toxic social environment including negative attitudes, emotions and content that is harmful to our self-esteem, isn’t good for us and can contribute to illness. We are meant to thrive in places of positivity, cooperation and respect. No comparing, just caring. Wellness is our mission and our culture.
  8. You won’t feel like you need to be perfect – Wellness is not about perfection or trying to be something you’re not. There’s no perfect standard because we’re all unique and therefore wellness is unique to each of us. None of us are perfect and we all have room to grow and improve. “Baby steps” is the name of the game here. You be you (no photo filters required) and you’ll fit right into our perfectly imperfect community!
  9. You’ll be inspired by real-life wellness – You’re not the only one who’s trying to live a more natural, healthy lifestyle while juggling all the tasks and commitments in your life. You’re also not the only one without the luxury of no stress, beach-side living and plenty of time to meditate and cook super meals from scratch every day. Wehl is all about “real-life wehlness” and taking small, practical steps towards improving wellness. We do our best to “be real” and showcase our “normal, everyday lives” on our journeys.
  10. You’ll belong to a community – You’ll sense a true feeling of community where you always have a network of like-minded people offering accountability, opinions and answers. You won’t feel like you’re the only one trying to live healthy and figure out the challenges and issues that inevitably come your way. You’ll be part of a diverse group of people and professionals focused on living better and spreading good in our world! We aim to put the “unity” in “community” and show a little more l-o-v-e towards ourselves and others.
  11. You’ll have a positive and cooperative place to grow – As a community dedicated to wellness, you’re in a safe, positive, online space to ask questions, share your successes and setbacks, collaborate and learn from each other. Our cooperative culture of wellness promotes encouraging others despite differences in wellness philosophies, habits and pursuits. We don’t always have to agree and we’re not here to judge, we’re here to stay in our own lane and enjoy the ride together.
  12. You’ll finally have something that fits with your healthy lifestyle – If you don’t want to spend too much time online but still want to reap the benefits of social support, community and the online world, you can. Wehl enables you to go from your mobile phone, to your laptop, to your desktop, to your iPad, with one account and no need to download yet another app. You can easily hop on Wehl whenever or wherever you’re at to add a little wellness into your day. Bonus: you can change up your postures, rest your thumbs and don’t always need to be straining your eyes staring at a small screen!
  13. You’ll feel empowered to develop healthy online habits and have more time for real-life – You get the control back when you’re on Wehl because Wehl has been designed to promote a healthy relationship with technology. No addictive features, complicated algorithms or sneaky business strategies here. The Wehl platform (unlike others) doesn’t want to keep you online all the time because too much online time isn’t good for us. Wehl is a place that you come on – get and give support and inspiration – and then get offline to live out your wellness! Once you feel the Wehl difference, you’ll likely start to be more mindful when you’re on other sites and maybe even reevaluate a little…but, that’s up to you and your wellness!
  14. You’ll be proud to participate and feel good knowing Wehl’s values align with yours – Our goal is to do business for good – to help people improve their wellness, prevent illness and live better. We’re a small social enterprise (and a certified B Corp) that operates to the best of our ability with values that align with wellness. You’re trying to support more socially and environmentally conscious businesses with your money so now you can support a conscious, online platform with your time (an equally important resource), too.
  15. You’ll give back by supporting a business that gives back – Giving back to help the wellness of others in need is a big part of Wehl. By participating on Wehl, you’ll not only be improving your own wellness and supporting others in the Wehl community, you’ll help us give back to help the wellness of others locally and internationally and help our planet too! It’s an easy way to help spread good!
  16. You’ll have an online hub for holistic wellness to save you time – Where do you go when you need natural wellness information or fresh inspiration? There hasn’t been one hub for natural wellness until now. You’ll find a variety of quality recipes, tips, ideas, products, services and expertise from a diverse group of individuals, wellness professionals, experts and organizations. Quicker access to higher quality health and wellness info means less time searching and more time for wellness.
  17. You’ll have a place to track and organize your wehlness – Wehl has specific tools that help you stay on track and figure out what holistic wellness means to you. It’s an important part of your journey! You can establish your wellness vision and goals along with the healthy habits you want to focus on. By regularly reviewing it all, you’ll keep yourself focused and feeling well.
  18. You’ll keep your routine fresh with endless wellness tips, ideas and inspiration – Do you need ideas for new healthy habits to help you reach your goals? Do you ever get tired of making the same old recipes or doing the same old exercises? Do you want to learn more about health and wellness in a fun, easy way? Growing and changing is what life is all about. You’ll feel more motivated because you’re learning and trying new habits and ideas alongside others.
  19. You’ll easily find healthy places and activities when you need them – Sometimes you don’t have the motivation to look up healthy restaurants or think of fun, healthy activities for your family or date night. That’s why we’re all sharing our wellness on Wehl. You can “favorite” the ideas you’d like to try and easily have a new healthy restaurant for travel or for a local night out.
  20. You’ll save money and find effective remedies, products and services – It can be a real struggle to research and make healthy decisions for you and your family. We’re here to share our tips and “wehlness choices” to help each other figure out what really works for wellness, what doesn’t and who can help us. Stop wasting money and start seeing results.
  21. You’ll keep yourself accountable and practice healthy habits – Sharing on Wehl is unique and purposeful – it empowers you to be mindful of your wellness and helps to inspire you to make it a priority. Sharing a post on Wehl encourages you to pause in your busy day, check in, assess and reflect. It can be a reminder to take some time out of your day or week for wellness, especially if you haven’t had anything to share in a while. By sharing, we can also visually “track” our wellness habits and moments, declare a goal or post a progress update. You’ll have more personal and social accountability translating into better health!
  22. You’ll have an online journal of personal motivation Not only is sharing on Wehl a great way to “track” your wellness, it also creates a fun, easy way to review your progress when you need a boost. You can remind yourself of your goals or the habits you’ve forgotten to do, inspire yourself with past successes to get out of a rut, have proof that “you did it once, so you can do it again”, and even keep track of info that you’d like to access later such as your modifications to a recipe or details for a healthy seasonal activity. You’ll have a visual representation of what you’ve done (or haven’t done) and be able to make adjustments as you go.
  23. You’ll be mindful of wehlness and encouraged to take wehlness breaks – On a calming, beautiful interface you’re encouraged to be mindful of your wellness both as you share and as you check out the inspiration shared by others. Wehl supports you to take short, healthy “online breaks” to relax your mind, recharge and refocus on wellness. Wehl encourages you to take “offline breaks” from your work and daily activities to practice wellness, too.
  24. You’ll be encouraged to challenge yourself – Whether it’s personally, informally with others, or more formally through our periodic community “#WehlChallenges” (often sponsored by companies with great, healthy prizes), we challenge ourselves to take control of our health. In a cooperative environment, we push each other a little to help us grow and live better.
  25. You’ll strengthen your real-life relationships and help those you love – We need to help each other live healthier so we can keep each other at our best and enjoy each other more. You can encourage your family, spouse, parents, friends and kids to improve their health and maintain their wellness habits. On Wehl, you’ll get to see each other’s habits, interests and goals and provide accountability to each other on Wehl and in real-life too. We guarantee you’ll get to know the people in your life in a different way, deepen your understanding of each other and learn new things about each other, too.
  26. You’ll meet kind, fellow human beings and make new friends – The beauty of bringing like-minded people together is you’ll find new people with similar interests to meet and get to know. You’ll be reminded that although we might look different, live in different places, and have a lot of other differences, we’re actually more alike than we think. You may even be inspired to connect with others for some social wellness offline, too.
  27. You’ll have more time and energy and less stress – When you surround yourself with others who are focused on wellness, you’ll be more accountable, motivated and inspired to prioritize self-care; it’s the power of social support. When you’re encouraged to focus on your wellness in community, you’ll make better choices and sustain wellness habits which will, in turn, help you function with better energy and more happiness. Your mind will be sharper which will make you more focused and efficient in your work, leaving more time for family and other priorities in your life.

The Big, Awesome Bonus: You’ll stay on track, have fun and live a healthier life – Wehl helps you make wellness a lifestyle, not just a January diet or a once a year week-long retreat. Together, we make wellness more fun and sustainable. We focus on making small, regular habits and actions that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and help prevent illness. We support each other to live with the vitality we need to do more of what we love and be who were born to be! Greater quality and quantity of life – it just doesn’t get any better than that!

 Here are a few thoughts from our Wehl Community Members about how Wehl helps them:

  • “The platform has helped to keep me accountable for my daily choices and when I feel particularly proud about something healthy that I did, I can post about it and it motivates me to keep going”
  • “I find it interesting that since I posted that, I feel a happy obligation to practice what I preach!!”
  • “I love going to Wehl for breaks”
  • “I found the site purposeful, useful and user friendly it was easy to navigate and engage with others”
  • “I enjoy reading posts and especially the tips”
  • “I like learning about where you can buy organic products and recipes”
  • “I am left feeling good after having visited the site”

So, how can Wehl help bring more health and wellness to your life?

We’re pretty sure this list is just the start… now, you’ve got to experience Wehl for yourself to personally answer the question! 😊

Join us on the Wehl app today and discover the health benefits for yourself!

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