Wehl is a place to share our habit progress, daily wellness moments and health tips, always with the intention of either inspiring ourselves in our own unique wellness journey or inspiring our fellow community members on their journey – hopefully it’s both!

Inspire Ourselves: Our posts are a mindful online journal that tracks our wellness journey. We can reflect on how far we’ve come. We can remind ourselves of past success for motivation to keep pushing forward or “get back on track” because if we did it once we can do it again (even when we’re tired, unmotivated or too busy).

Sometimes you just need to take a photo or a selfie to motivate yourself to finish that hike to the top of the hill, to make that healthy recipe for dinner, or to take some “me time” to de-stress.

Inspire Others: Believe it or not, we all can inspire someone on our journey no matter where we’re at. It’s all about the attitude and purpose you post with, to hopefully use your joys and challenges to bring a little inspiration, information and support to someone else’s day. There’s no social pressure here – we post because we want to help, not because we have to.

Sometimes you know who you inspire and sometimes you’ll never know. It’s the big and the little, the daily and the rare moments that have the opportunity to encourage others. We just post with good intentions and hope it will be found by whoever needs it…

Be Inspired: We give and we receive so others can give. Sometimes we don’t have it in us to give the inspiration and support. That’s when we need to recharge our own battery by plugging into the goodness others are giving.

Sometimes you need to see what others are up to for some fresh ideas, extra motivation and to discuss goals and challenges with someone who has been where you are.

Express yourself and post mindfully, yet don’t over think it. We must all be our unique selves and subsequently, we’ll have a variety of inspiring content to enjoy.

In case you get stuck, here are a few ideas of what to post about:

  • What’s your Wehl today?
    • Post about your wehlness habit progress
    • Post a wellness moment from your day or week
    • Post what’s on your mind lately or a wellness-related thought
  • Post using hashtags:
    • #myhabits – declare a new healthy habit or post an update about your progress – we’re here for accountability
    • #mybestmyworst – acknowledge the challenges of your day but choose to focus more on the positives
    • #reallife – keep it real
    • #healthydinner – give someone some inspiration, and perhaps a recipe or link, to cook a healthy meal at the end of a busy workday
    • #mindfulmeal – posting a photo of your meal can be a good way to keep yourself accountable. You actually have to pause and look at what you’re eating so it can slow you down and help you digest better!
    • #movemore – share your workouts and the little ways you try to squeeze more activity into your day
    • #wehlescape – landscape photos – not only does being in nature have incredible (and free) health benefits, but seeing pictures of nature does too. Bonus: you do not need to be a pro to take an inspiring shot
    • #gratitude, #thankful – something you’re thankful for or your gratitude list of the day
    • #overcomechallenges, #fail – the struggle is a real part of the ever-evolving journey of wellness
    • #news – news related to any of the 6 components of wehlness
    • # – anything else you like including locations, foods and much more…
  • Post to another member: To post to another member type the “@” symbol and their username with no space between (e.g. @jennifer) in the comment or post along with your message to them.

    • Check in with someone and see how their habits are going
    • Post an article or tip that you think someone would like or one that might help someone overcome a challenge or reach a goal. Tag them in the post or comment below
    • Ask for someone for their feedback or get their opinion on a topic
    • Reference them when posting about something they posted about that inspired you
  • Post a Question: We welcome your questions and encourage you to ask for suggestions from the community. Some questions you might ask include:
    • Does anyone have a good idea about how to_____?
    • Has anyone tried _____ what did you think?
    • Does anyone have a suggestion for how to do ______ better?
    • Anyone know a good recipe for _____?

And if you’re feeling helpful:

  • Post a Tip – any short bit of wellness-related information that you have found helpful and that you think others might too. It won’t necessarily apply to everyone but you’re just “putting it out there” with the intention of helping someone else. By summarizing what we have learned from our research and experiences, we can save others time and help them live each day wehl. If applicable, it is helpful to source your tips and/or provide a link so that someone else can read more if they want to (and if they have time to!).

Here are some Tip examples:

    • A helpful ‘nugget’ of information you have learned from reading an online article, book or from a wellness professional or friend
    • A definition or fact
    • An experience which you think will inspire others (e.g. a healthy restaurant, café, store, fitness facility, vacation, retreat, wellness-related event etc.)
    • A product you use and would recommend others try (you can use hashtag #myreview)
    • A location where you’ve found something that improves your wellness (e.g. #Toronto). This makes it easier for others to make a healthy choice when they’re on the go!

With any post or tip, keep in mind that you can categorize using one or more of the 6 kinds of Wehlness. It’s optional but it does help to encourage mindfulness and pausing to be aware of your wehlness during a busy day.

Don’t forget to comment, favourite and high five! Show your appreciation, cheer someone on, offer some insight from your wellness journey. Simply, inspire wehlness and spread good – whenever possible!

We invite you to join our all-in-one healthy lifestyle app at Wehl.com!

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